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Омниблендерот има мотор со три коњски сили. Јачината на блендерот официјално е наведено дека е 950 вати. но за да е енергетски ефикасен, моторот е направен да се прилагодува на оперативните програми.

The Omni Blender is equipped with a 3 horsepower motor. You may have noticed on the label, it states a 950 Watts power consumption. This is because the motor is a self-adjusting / compensating motor and is engineered together with its operations programming (circuit board) to be an energy-efficient blender.

Ова значи дека блендерот се лади поефективно, работи потивко и работи малку побавно од другите високо квалитетни конкурентни блендери со 3 коњски сили. Потрошувачката во вати е толкава колку што е потребно да блендирањето биде направено добро и ефективно, и се движи од 450 до 2200 вати, но просечната ватна потрошувачка на Омниблендерот е 950 вати.

This means that the blender cools more efficiently, it runs quieter, and it also runs little slower than some of its other 3 hp high performance blender competitors’ blenders. The watt consumption is whatever is required to get the blending job done efficiently, well, and complete, from anywhere between 450 Watts up to about 2200 Watts. The average Watt consumption of the OMNI V blender is 950 Watts, as indicated by the label.

Некои купувачи не прашуваат за ватите и зошто е толку ниска додека моторот е  со три коњски сили. Нашиот одговор е

Some customers have asked us about the Watt consumption and why it is so low while the blender motor is a 3 horsepower motor. Our answer is that just because you have a more fuel efficient vehicle than another one, does not mean that the more fuel efficient one nowadays has therefore less power. JTC focuses on energy efficient equipment using the latest motor and programing technology to reach best efficiency in all categories. This means greater longevity, the motor holds up longer, it keeps the wear-and-tear down, cools better, and operates quieter.

Caution: The cooling fan sucks in and blows out air to keep the motor cool. Keep water away from the table surface and/or from the container blender cushion during operation. If the cooling fan sucks in water, it could fry out the motor and/or cause a short circuit failure and damage to the circuit board and programing. During warranty inspection, the factory can detect based on visible water stains and residue that a user may have inappropriately used the blender, and/or even submerged the blender in water. Note, this will for sure void the warranty of the blender.

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